2/2/17: Fish Farm Update

Tie One On! Tonight at BJ’s

Don’t forget, tonight is our second edition of 2017’s Tie One On program.

Andy Partlo from the Old Au Sable Fly Shop in Grayling will be giving a presentation on tying flies using items commonly found at most craft stores.  The next two instructional flies Alex is teaching are the Otsego Ant, one of those “local” patterns no one should fish without, and a local variation of the Pheasant Tail Nymph.

Grayling Fish Farm Update

There was some extremely disappointing news out of Grayling last night.  Administrative Law Judge, Daniel L. Pulter, provided his Proposal for a Decision on the Grayling Fish Farm permit.  From his recommendation, “Because the anticipated beneficial impacts of the Hatchery outweigh its expected detrimental impacts, the project will yield important social and economic development in the area in which the waters are located, such that the lowering of water quality is necessary to support important social and economic development.”

This doesn’t make a lot of sense.  The town of Grayling is nothing but a military base without that river. Most of the towns downstream don’t exist with the tourism the Au Sable’s angling and recreational opportunities bring.  In short, the river is a sustainable gold mine, if we take care of it.  But we are going to pollute it because two jobs outweigh all of that?

Read more here.

Headwaters Facebook Group

We now have a Facebook group for our chapter.  This is a forum for members of the Headwaters TU, and interested parties, to communicate with each other and learn about chapter activities.


Also check out our Facebook page at facebook.com/headwaterstu

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