About Headwaters TU

Headwaters TU Bylaws, Article VII, Committees

TU National Conservation Agenda

TU National Volunteer Leader Tacklebox

TU National Conservation Committe Chair Duties/Guide

Headwaters TU Conservation Committee Charter

Conservation Committee Members

Partnering with Other TU Chapters- Review other chapters in the State of MI, provide contact info for each chapter, great source of volunteers

Past Chapter Achievements

Google Drive Intro:  Give access, show file hierarchy.

Existing/Ongoing Projects- review strategic plan

How to Approve and Fund New Projects- projects should be managed by the conservation committee, and funding required should be proposed to and approved by the board of directors pror to getting the green light.

Best Time to Have Projects/Scheduling Projects- best practice for scheduling to gain highest volunteer rate is to schedule on saturday mornings.  weekday projects during normal business hours traditionally yield extremely low numbers of volunteers.

Introduce to Area Fisheries Biologists

Introduce to Huron Pines

Introduce to Pigeon River Country Association

Introduce to PRC State Forest Manager