2020 Headwaters TU 41st Annual Spring Banquet

Please join us this year in our 41st annual spring banquet tentatively scheduled for April 18th at Big Buck Brewery in Gaylord, Michigan. This year we are shaking up the banquet. The spring banquet has traditionally been the chapters main fundraising event for the year and while a large majority of your donations goes towards conservation projects, we want to allow our members to see a more direct impact. This year we are going to display the top four conservation projects of the upcoming years and ask with the generosity of our members and community to donate towards these projects.

Education is also a major component to HTU’s mission and we donate a scholarship to a fisheries student at Lake Superior State University who grew up within HTU’s region. The involvement of our youth is also important as we sponsor youth from our area who wish to attend the Trout Unlimited Youth Camp that takes place every summer. Kids spend a weekend learning about trout habitat, mayflies and of course fishing. HTU believes investing in the education of our youth is important so during this years banquet we will have a display of our educational programs and with your generosity, you can have a direct impact on our youth by donating towards our educational fund.

Of course we will still have plenty of raffle bucket prizes and fantastic silent auction prizes as well. If you wish to reserve tickets, please contact us at headwaterstroutunlimited@gmail.com.