1.)  Go to https://login.tu.org/tucustom/leader
2.) Log in using the email address you gave TU when you joined.  If you are unsure of this email address, ask the Membership Committee Chair.  If you are unsure what your password is, use the password reset function and TU.org will help you set/reset it through email.  If you still cannot log in, contact the Membership Committee Chair.
3.)  Click the “Leaders Only Tools” link
4.)  You are in!
5.)  There are several tools/resources available, some will pertain to you and your role at Headwaters TU, some won’t.  If you are unsure, check with the Chapter President.

Hot Tip!  Definitely check out the TU Leadership Manual in the Chapter Leader Resources section of the Tacklebox.  There is all sorts of good info in there which will really help you make more sense of your time as a Headwaters TU Chapter Leader.  Thanks for serving northeast Michigan’s trout!