1/4/17: Tie One On is BACK!

Tie One On is Back w/ a Vengeance!
Our Tie One On program is back and better than ever! We are providing a full fly tying instructional series, featured speakers, Headwaters chapter news and upcoming events, and social fly tying and debauchery.

Tie One On begins January 5th at BJ’s Restaurant in Gaylord, and continues every other week through 4/27, each starts at 6pm and goes to 9pm.

Instructional Series

We’ll start with basic patterns and work towards more advanced patterns and techniques as we go. Each pattern builds off what was learned on the last. By the time we’re finished in late April, there won’t be many patterns participants will look at and not know already know how to tie or figure out on their own. We’ve chosen fly patterns that not only catch fish on our local watersheds, but as many as we could with local, historical significance.

We’ve also tried to change things up from past Tie One On’s, so you’re not bored learning how to tie the same old patterns. And on that note, we’ve chosen patterns where even intermediate and advanced tyers will pick up a new trick or two while learning. But at the heart of it all, this instructional series will be an outstanding way for beginners to learn how to tie flies. All ages and skill levels are welcome! Headwaters TU will provide all of the tools and materials needed, but encourage those with their own tools and vises to bring their own equipment so we can get as many people behind the vise as possible.

Patterns we’ll be tying are: Clouser Style Woolly Bugger, MI Skunk Streamer, Otsego Ant Dry Fly, Beadhead PT Nymph, Rubber-Legged Stone Dry, Hares Ear Wet, Glo Bug, San Juan Worm, Parachute Adams, Predator, Butt Monkey, John’s Red Quill, Otsego Mouse, Borcher’s Parachute, Circus Peanut, Brown Drake Dry (MI Style), Stacked Deer Hair Bass Bug.

Featured Speakers

We’re very excited about our lineup of featured speakers! They range from nationally known tly tyers and fly fishing experts, to local biologists and historians. Check out the new Headwaters TU website for full details and a calendar by clicking the link below.

2017 Spring Banquet

Save the date! The Headwaters TU Spring Banquet will be held on April 22, 2017. We’re changing things up this year and will be holding it at the Ellison Place, which is the site of the old Jay’s Sporting Goods, right off exit 279. Stay tuned for details…

Headwaters Facebook Group

We now have a Facebook group for our chapter. This is a forum for members of the Headwaters TU, and interested parties, to communicate with each other and learn about chapter activities.


Also check out our Facebook page at facebook.com/headwaterstu

Have a safe and happy new year!

Alex Cerveniak
Headwaters TU

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