Headwaters TU serves northeastern Michigan.  The map above shows the Headwaters TU service area.  The area outlined in red is our core area, i.e., the region of the state our chapter was originally founded to conserve and protect.  The area outlined in orange is also in our service area and was assigned to our chapter when it was founded.

The coldwater streams in the boundaries of the red polygon on the map are our primary focus:  The Sturgeon River, the Pigeon River, the upper Black River, the headwaters of the North Branch of the Au Sable, the headwaters of the Au Sable and the headwaters of the Manistee.

Coldwater watersheds and water bodies within the orange area are also places we care deeply about conserving and protecting, however, due to the shear size of our service area, we don’t always get to spend the time so far from home.  If you are interested in increasing conservation efforts on a coldwater stream or waterbody outside of our core area, please don’t hesitate to reach out and our team will support you however we can.