The Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based which serves northeastern lower Michigan.  We have been a 100% volunteer-run organization since our chapter was founded in 1975 by three trout anglers from the Gaylord area.  Since that time, we’ve accomplished so many great things thanks to our chapter’s leaders,  partners and volunteers.  Without a doubt, our area’s trout streams are better now than they would have been had Headwaters TU never existed thanks to our volunteers.  For there is no better way to give back to our local trout streams than to be a volunteer for Headwaters TU– and it’s a heck of a great way to meet new friends.  Almost all of my best friends are people I’ve grown to know in association with Trout Unlimited.

We have the following volunteer needs, if you or anyone you know might be a good fit, please reach out to Alex Cerveniak at

General Volunteers:

We can always use more help at our conservation projects and events.  Never assume we don’t have trouble finding volunteers, its one of the biggest challenges we face.  As our chapter increases its activity level and seeks more and bigger conservation projects, we need your help more than ever.

Board of Directors Vacancy

We have one open seat on our Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors consists of six Directors, who are responsible for general supervision of the Chapter’s affairs and finances.  This is a 3-year term.

Michigan Trout Unlimited Representative:

Headwaters TU is a local chapter of Trout Unlimited, which is a national organization.  In between the national and local levels in each state is a state council.  Each quarter, each chapter in Michigan sends a MITU Representative and its President to the State Council to learn about issues/activities at the state and national level and to provide any applicable updates for their home chapter.   When a vote comes up, the MITU Rep votes on behalf of the chapter.  Being the MITU Rep is kind of like being our congressional representative.  There is some road tripping involved as a few of the quarterly MITU meetings are typically held downstate, and your travel expenses will be reimbursed by Headwaters TU.

Michigan Trout Unlimited Representative Alternate

The MITU Rep alternate steps in to serve the duties of the MITU Rep when he/she is unable to make it.

Fundraising Committee Chair

The Fundraising Committee Chair oversees the Headwaters TU Fundraising Committee by scheduling regular meetings and managing fundraising committee activities throughout the year.  The Fundraising Committee Chair reports on the Fundraising Committee activities at each Board of Directors meeting (typically monthly).

Membership Committee Chair

The Membership Committee Chair oversees the Headwaters TU Membership Committee.  The membership committee is responsible for membership services, membership lists, and efforts to recruit new members or retain existing members.  The Membership Committee Chair reports on the quantity of chapter memberships each month to the Board of Directors.