Barbless Hook Fly Box


A limited edition fly box crafted from a fallen tree at The Barbless Hook on the Au Sable River, the birthplace of TU.

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On July 18, 1959, 16 men gathered in the home of George Griffith, on the shore of the Au Sable River, to form a group called Trout Unlimited.  Since that time, George’s home, nicknamed, “The Barbless Hook,” has become a symbolic monument to coldwater conservation.  Several years ago, a large tree on the property fell- a living link to that historic day in 1959 when TU was created.  Headwaters TU was able to acquire some of the wood from that tree which we’ve had crafted into a limited edition series of fly boxes.

These fly boxes are numbered 1 through 38 and come with a certificate of authenticity.  100% of the proceeds will be used by Headwaters TU to support our mission to conserve and protect northeastern Michigan’s coldwater fisheries.

Please note that these boxes are made from reclaimed wood.  Each is different and the wood color, grain pattern and overall look is unique to each box.


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