Every Wednesday (3/10 thru 3/31) via Live Stream on the Headwaters TU Facebook Page at 6pm

Instructional Series Calendar

3/03/21:  Otsego Mouse  |  Tyer:  Alex Cerveniak

3/10/21:  Conehead Madona  |  Tyer:  Alex Cerveniak

3/17/21:  Otsego Ant  |  Tyer:  Alex Cerveniak

3/24/21:  Pike/Muskie Articulated Streamer  |  Tyer:  Alex Cerveniak

3/31/21:  Double-Bead Stone Nymph  |  Tyer:  Alex Cerveniak

Weekly Agenda

Each Tie One on we’ll tie a fly thats effective on our local waters.  Fly patterns tied will be of various skill levels and for various target species- not just trout.

Instructional Series Fly Taught

Each week we will teach you how to tie a different fly pattern,  The fly patterns we’ve chosen are not only effective on streams in our area, but in lakes and streams around the world.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to tie flies, or if you’re an intermediate tyer looking for some new techniques to add to your bag of tricks, this is what you’ve been waiting for!