Earl Kimball Award  (Chapter Hall of Fame)

George Barker
Joe Comella
Bob Diesing
Joe Jarecki
Paul Rose
Dave Smethurst
George Mertz
Fred Snook
Bob Slezak
Vie Andrews (2016)
John Walters (2017)
For his contributions to coldwater conservation as the former Headwaters TU President, former Chairman of Michigan Trout Unlimited, Chairman of the Pigeon River Country Advisory Council, officer at the Anglers of the Au Sable, among others.

Rusty Gates Award (Conservationist of the Year)

2010 Nico Tucker
2011 Josh Greenberg
2012 Neal Godby
2016 Tim Cwalinski
For his work as a Fisheries Biologist at the MIDNR in the Headwaters TU service area.
2017 Wendy Lowe
For her work organizing the Sturgeon River Sweepers, dedicated to keeping the Sturgeon River litter free.
2017 Carol Rose
For her role as Chairperson of the Upper Black River Council, and championing multiple miles of LWD installations on the Upper Black River in 2017.
2018 Jim Kurbel
For his unselfish commitment to all of the chapter’s conservation projects
2019 Jim Kurbel

President’s Award 

2005 Mark Wolcott
2006 Dave Smethurst
2007 Vienna Andrews
2008 Lance Weyeneth
2009 Rusty Gates
2011 George Mertz
2012 Bill Forreider
2013 Josh Greenberg
2014 John Walters
2015 Mike Reling
2016 Meredith Anderson, Liz Forreider, Brenda Rathburn
2016 Dave Smethurst
Dave has always been a trusted friend and advisor to me on conservation related matters. If it weren’t for Dave, I wouldn’t have ever joined TU or became involved in a leadership capacity. On any important issue, I will always seek out Dave’s opinion as he is one of the most fair and objective people I have ever known. — Alex Cerveniak
2017 Janet Cerveniak
When I became President, Janet supported me by planning our 2017 Spring Banquet. She spent ~100 hours planning and working on the banquet, which would up being the most successful night of fundraising in our chapter’s history.
2017 Bill Forreider
No one tells you how to be a TU Chapter President, nor has the duty to, but Bill did everything he could to make sure that I had what I needed to get started.  All that despite the fact that he had multiple other commitments after he left Headwaters TU.
2019 Scott Whitcomb
For his service to Pigeon River Country and all of northern Michigan’s natural resources.

Dave Smethhurst Award (Outstanding Chapter Leader)

2009 George Mertz
2010 Pete Middleton
2011 Paul Meyer
2012 Keith Rusnell
2013 Kristy Mortham
2017 Scott Whitcomb
2017 Lloyd Sparks
2017 Gary VanWagoner
2018 Alex Cervaniak
2019 Gary Isaman

John Walters Award (Stream Champion)

2019 Ethan Winchester – Jordan River

Grayling Award (Outstanding Chapter Member)

2009 Karen Harrison
2010 Carol Rose
2011 Matt Breck
2012 Larry Hull
2013 Sue Walters
2016 Lloyd Sparks
2017 Carolyn Smith
2017 Jim Kurbel
2017 Bob Slezak
2018 Bryan Newell
2018 Gary Isaman
2019 Simon Kurkowski

Brook Trout Award (Outstanding Chapter Youth)

2007 Faith Fetrow
2008 Austin Alexander
2009 Kylynn Siminske
2011 Quinten Vinecki
2012 Will West
2013 Brandon Knox
2014 Kyle Knox, Joe Ross, Brianna Vinecki
2016 Patrick and Caleb Forreider
2017 Coleman Cerveniak

Rainbow Trout Award (Exemplary Service)

2019 Carl Saunders